Expand Your Small Business

Every business needs equipment – Whether that’s computers and printers; manufacturing, office, medical or kitchen equipment; an automobile, a fleet of trucks, or something else entirely.

For most businesses, some form of financing is necessary, as well as the most suitable company option. Various financing options also offer company tax benefits while freeing up needed capital without restricting cash flow. Establishing a credit line will provide a small business the opportunity to add additional vehicles and equipment to meet business growth and immediate demand. It is important to note also that when leasing equipment, a business also has the opportunity to purchase, re-lease or return the equipment at the end of the designated term.

American Investors Bank and Mortgage (AIBM) provides cost effective, tailored and competitive financing products. We are able to build and order to specification any vehicle or fleet of vehicles needed to suit your business. Eight out of ten U.S. companies finance some or all of their vehicles and equipment. Let us know what we can do to partner with you, and serve your business.

Five benefits of financing business vehicles and equipment through American Investors Bank and Mortgage:

  • Full Tax Deductibility – 100% of the finance payment, and in many cases the FULL purchase or financed price of the qualifying equipment, can be deducted from a business’ gross income as a direct expense.
  • Conserves Capital – Free up working capital for more productive operational uses and business opportunities. O-balance sheet financing may work for your business.
  • Improves Cash Flow – Monthly payments can be significantly less than on a traditional term loan – Fixed or variable payments are available.
  • 100% Financing – No down payment is required and soft costs like freight, set-up and training can be covered.
  • Preserves Credit – Keep primary bank lines of credit open while diversifying your business credit portfolio.

We purchase, deliver and provide financing for just about any type of business equipment imaginable:

  • New and used autos, work trucks, vans, medium and heavy duty vehicles and trailers.
  • Construction, restaurant, agricultural, manufacturing, automotive services, and medical and dental equipment of all types.
  • Computers, copiers, telephone systems, ATMs and other office equipment.
  • Furniture for medical or hospitality businesses.
  • Printing equipment

Let’s get started!

If you’re interested in learning more about our services and how we can help you take advantage of all the benefits of financing, please give us a call at 952-938-6520