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We know you are serious about your business and that means you need a bank that is just as dedicated to your success as you are. You also need a bank that understands your business as well as you do. Which is exactly what you get with AIBM. The bankers at AIBM have been in business banking for years and are dedicated to providing prompt, knowledgeable guidance in every financial aspect of your business.

As a small, community bank, we are able to offer personal service designed to help your business succeed. It is that personal service that larger banks often overlook. We have the flexibility to cater to your business’s unique needs.

Business Checking

Investor’s Business checking accounts from AIBM feature extremely competitive interest rates that will actually make your business money!Learn More

Business Savings

AIBM Investor’s Premier Savings Account will help you reach your financial goals quickly by helping you maximize earnings with attractive interest rates and account features.Learn More

Credit Cards

AIBM offers Business Rewards Cards that earn for your business and make managing spending easier by giving you free reporting and lots of extra features!Learn More

Business Loans

Whether remodeling your offices, investing in property or buying new equipment, AIBM can help meet your business’ financial needs at competitive rates.Learn More

Company Benefits

AIBM business partnership includes loan benefits, checking account benefits, Cetera Investment Services and quarterly benefits such as prize drawings!Learn More

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It’s time for you to take advantage of AIBM’s high-yielding accounts and banking experience. You will not find a higher level of customer service and real financial benefits anywhere else!Learn More

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